Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Where to look for information

I have been asked recently, how do I stay up-to-date and gather pertinent information about green. Thanks to a number of online resources, product research and personal experience, I have learned about green and am able to share the knowledge with you, the readers. Over the past few weeks I have broadened my reading and research to include a number of new sources. I have also added a number of websites to my blog. I will share with you a few of my favorites.

EcoHome Magazine is a business periodical for the construction industry giving news specific to the construction industry on green building practices and projects that qualify as green across the country. Work is timely and keeps you informed about the changing trends in the construction industry.

eBuild is also a business publication which provides information about new, innovative products for the construction industry. If you like you home to be cutting edge, this is the place to go and ready about the new trends and products available. Filled with great reviews, tips and green ideas, don't miss an issue of this great publication.

Everyone knows The Home Depot, but did you know they post a number of quick how-to's and instructional videos to green your home and your life (if you read my last entry you would know that already). This has been a good resource online to do research, and as I visit the stores to see the products and determine what will work in my life and home.

Earth Promise is a fun place to learn about what others are doing to be more green. Create an account and you can commit to do something new, change something in your life to be more green and make new friends who are doing the same.

All links are in my Sites/Blog of Interest list. Happy reading and come back often to see what else I am looking at.

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