Thursday, March 5, 2009

Green Product Reviews

On several occasions, I have mentioned the need for products that are innovative, green and affordable. In Las Vegas, I spent a great deal of time seeking out products that meet these criteria. As part of my continuing efforts to share green methods with the world, product reviews will become an vital part of this blog moving forward. So, the lucky winner of the first review is….

Fi-Foil Company: Radiant Insulation Solutions

In Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting Tim with Fi-Foil. The one product that stood out was Flash & FOIL frame wall insulation with VR Plus Shield. This is a unique product that combines with spray foam insulation to provide a high r-value in normal 2x4 construction wall.

As a builder and purchasing manager, I reviewed pricing for spray foam insulation on a number of occasions. Each time, the benefits of spray foam were far out-weighed by dramatic increase in cost. In addition to the cost, filling wall cavities with foam makes repairs to electrical, plumbing and any other product contain in those walls a little more challenging. Thus enters a revised system.

This system consists of 2-½” of spray foam combined with the VR Plus Shield. VR plus shield is a multi-layer foil product with a paper face which, when applied to the studs, separates allowing air to pass between the layers contributing the insulative properties of the product. This system allows wiring and plumbing to be installed so as to not be covered in foam. It also reduces the quantity of foam required replacing it with a less expensive, more effective product.

So, Fi-Foil makes a great insulation product that increase energy efficiency, improves indoor air quality and reduces the cost of installation. Find more information on their website at: