Monday, November 10, 2008

Musing on Green

In media, various definitions exist and we will explore some of those definitions here.

At the simplest level, green has been adopted as a symbol of environmentalism and social justice.[1] Green products surface all over, each claiming to be environmentally responsible, recycled, energy efficient or all of the above. Green has been added to logos, corporate symbols and ad campaigns to show the world a company’s commitment to the environment and the planet.

In some industries, Green is a symbol of environmental responsibility and eco-friendly practices. Not only can you find products in abundance, but you can also find numerous companies in the wings waiting to show you the path to green for a fee. Going Green is not only about the environmental impact, but it also speaks of the money to be made as companies go green or the dollars saved by consumers who make an efficient choice which leads to savings in energy, materials or other resources.

Green has become synonymous with sustainability, which is to utilize products that are recycled, recyclable or permanently viable. Sustainability permeates beyond products and includes businesses contributing to “an equitable and ecologically sustainable economy.”[2] The impact of product reuse and recycling demonstrates many companies commitments to a growing need to, if nothing else, appear concerned about the environment.

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