Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Affordable Alternative in Green Building

Recently, I attended the International Builder Show in Las Vegas. Each year, the show is an opportunity to see the biggest and brightest ideas in the homebuilding industry. This year was no exception. As you might imagine, green building was especially prevalent in the products landscape and the discussions heard throughout the exhibit hall. However, one of the greenest building concepts at the show was not a new technology, but a mainstay in the building industry.

Modular housing has taken a place in the ranks of the green housing crowd, largely due to the efficiency found in manufacturing housing components in a controlled environment. While not directly recognized in most green building programs, the dramatically reduced waste, as compared to on-site construction techniques, of modular housing provides a much higher standard of construction while utilizing the majority of resources.

In this controlled environment, modular home components are built with precision, ensuring each penetration is sealed. The result is a sealed structure that utilizes energy efficiently to heat and cool while providing a healthier indoor environment for the owners. With the addition of other green features like energy efficient lights, low-impact faucets and homeowner education, modular homes provide a green option that is feasible and affordable.

For More Information on Modular Homes, two great organizations to talk to are: CT Valley Homes and Modular Homes, Inc.

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